Tile and Grout Cleaning


Did you know Most Ofen tile and grout can be restored To like New Condition

Did you know Without professional help it can be difficult to almost impossible to ge the tile and grout to look like new again…..

Did you know Bleach does not remove the grease and soil.  Cleaning with bleach disinfects  but yellows white white grout.

Did you know you tiles and grout probably never been sealed!  Cuz most flooring contractors do not seal your tile when installed.Because of the time and expense to spend another day at you home.

Did you know many floor cleaning products leave a heavy residue that attracts soil.

We use the best equipment with our truck mounts to make your grout & tile shine again. Grout gets stained by absorbing the dirt and grease and building up mold in moist areas from every day living. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially prone to discoloration of the grout. Our equipment can really make your grout and tiles sparkle again. This gives a new fresh look and feel to your rooms with tiles and grout. It always feels good and is definitely healthier for your living areas.

Why spend thosands of dollars when you can restore to like New Condition!

My tile cleaning process is a amazing restorative cleaning chemistry that shears away the soil and dirt without make a mess  We use a high pressure water combined with specialized cleaning process to leave it like new. and seal it too!

Natural stone and floors too.
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