Rug Cleaning


Tony is you Local Area Rug Deep Cleaning Service Expert!

Call Now (714) 478-3548 for a fast free friendly over the phone Quote! Area Rug Cleaning can be tricky the wrong cleaning solution can ruined you rug.

For Example white cotton fringes need a low ph cleaning solution to whiten and brighten the Nautural white color.

High Ph cleaning solution will turn your Natural Fiber rug brownish yellowish when it dries.(not good) this happens alot due to the fly by night cleaning co out there due to their lack of experience.

Or the giant multiple sub contactor operations. It very unlikely that the carpet cleaner that show up will have more than 6 months experience in the carpet cleaning industry I have restored many of exotic Rugs that have fallen victim of this by the inexperience cleaner. Natural Fibers like wool and cotton are clean differently, than man made fibers like polyester ect. Some Rug made oversees have literally plant and berry juice as coloring that bleeds upon cleaning, so the Coloring needs to be neutralized first so it does not bleed while in the cleaning process. So make sure he is an Expert! Some Rug can be Steam Clean and Some Dry Clean. So make sure your Rug Cleaning Cleaner Guru is very experienced and Knowlegable .

I Been cleaning Rugs for over 25 years and have run into every possible type of fiber and rug out there that has help develop a sensational Convenient Rug cleaning process that benefits your rug and you pocket book Most Area Rugs can be clean on location with fast Dry service this Means your rugs are dry when we Leave!

Area Rug and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Types of Rugs We Clean:

Hand-made including Persian, Chinese, Turkish, Moroccan, Pakistani, and Dhurry Machine-made including Wilton, Axminister, and Karastan. Any area rug made from wool, virgin wool,.

  1. Pre-inspect for type of material, material condition, dye stability, stains, and overall soiling to determine the correct cleaning agents to use to Lightly agitate to loosen stains and soil. achieve the best result
  2. Area and oriental rugs can be cleaned in-house or brought back to our facility. If in-house, we prepare the area and protect the surrounding floor and furnishings.
  3. Pre-vacuum both sides of the area or oriental rug to help remove loose soil, pet dander, dust mites, etc.
  4. Pre-treat stains and heavily soiled areas.
  5. Lightly agitate to loosen stains and soil.
  6. Complete steam rinse and extraction to remove soil and stains leaving rugs clean and almost dry to the touch.
  7. Clean and brighten fringes.

We use a dry cleaning process on dry-clean-only