Pet Stain Removal


Pet Stain Page Our Exclusive processess
Pet odor and stain removal Our specialty (25 years of researching the industry for what really works)
Here the Scoop!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes! We can remove pet most pet stains.
Yes! We can remove odors/pet/human ect
Yes! We are Clean Green friendly
Yes! We can remove pet stains/odor others can not

Our process

Here is just a few!

Our exculsive Supreme Clean Urine pre-treatment is an acidic detergent that dissolves Urine residule and assist in rinsing them from the carpet.  Removing the yellow brownish stain that urine leaves behind   the tougher stains are aided by our exculsive biogradable urine stain out ph reducer that fades the stain away completely

Our exculsive Odor and stain remover combines the power of natural oxygen with  biological power of odor modification to destroy odorous material(urine) without  leaving strong artificial fragrances behind(Most other Carpet Cleaner use the strong Perfume deodorizer to temporily hide the smell) for tougher odors are aided by ozone machine with attack the odor at the  mohecular level

Our exclusive ordorcide treatment process was invented for real tough odors it  uses no enzymes (like the store bought stuff. Most so called carpet cleaner used some version of this it rarely works)Enzyme treatment you can do yourself 99 cents store carries a version it.  Our ordorcide  to put it in lay mans terms works thru a comibination counteraction bonding(chemisorprtion)and absorption.  This technology was created to PERMANANTLY I SAY AGAIN PERMANTLY eliminate,Nooootttt mask, cover up,or perfume odors on CONTACT! No Matter what has been tried before(irrespective of what the last so called carpet cleaner tried before)

Yes! We can save your carpets.

Get rid of the  Stains. Remove the odors.  Keep you loving Pets!

Even  if you clean up your pets mess right away. their always the lingering odor or stain.  That because almost all those sprays ad powders sold at the stores don’t get to the root cause of  the problem..  Pet Urine is quickly absorbed by the carpet padding even soaking into the subfloor.    These salts deposits leave behind a breeding ground for nasty, bacteria.  Again nothing at the retail store really works. You put it simply your carpet may need to be lifted and contaminated padding replace and subfloor treated and neutralize.  Decontamination.    This process is done exculsively by us for extreme cases!