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Carpet Cleaning Scams Alert

tony1Looking for a Local Carpet Cleaning Service. Want and need the most thorough Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning Possible Ever! Want a Carpet Cleaning Process the removes not just the obvious spots and stains, But get rid of what really lurks in your carpets those Foul Odor causing bacteria and germs, that causes you family to get sick ,Want tobacco, cigarette smoke out of your carpet and upholstery fibers out ,removes those hard to get out wine stains and pet stains..Want a carpet cleaning service that uses a high alkaline solution to completely to eliminate those reoccurring stains that were not completely removed by the last Carpet cleaning service. Then by all means give me a call my name is Tony owner operator

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The following is some heart felt advice when shopping for a carpet cleaner. Don’t fall victim by calling the Bait and Switch Advertisement Tactic Carpet Cleaners . Buyer Beware!!! There are every where! Every industry uses it.

Get smart no one can clean your properly for $5.95 or $10.95 a room. Don’t get screwgoogle by answering those ads in the first Place. Sorry but that’s the plain truth! And there are many out there!!!! You go from $5.94 to $300 for a more thourough job. Bait and Switch!  Switch to a very high price once the crew shows up and you already took the day off to get this done.  Always done by an independant commsion sub contractor type. The following is a typical senerio Pay Once – Pay Twice?  So what on earth am I talking about – what does this pay once, pay twice mean? Well it’s an expression commonly used when someone tries to cut corners. Let me explain
— Tony, Owner Opperated

So what on earth am I talking about – what does this pay once, pay twice mean? Well it’s an expression commonly used when someone tries to cut corners. Let me explain.

We all want a great deal right? – yes!

But sometimes actively seeking out the cheapest quote or price for a service that we believe will be the exactly the same as a more expensive option, can (and usually does) lead to all sorts of issues. In this industry it’s actually quite common for someone to hire a cheap clean, because seeing the word ‘carpet cleaning’ convinces them that no matter where they go – it must be the same service wherever they go. Of course this is ridiculous but some people are convinced of this.

What happens is that after the customer/client has been very disappointed with the service (because they have gone for the cheapest option), they fall in to despair and then seek out a ‘proper’ professional company to re-clean the carpets (or upholstery etc) to a standard they thought they were going to get originally!

So you can see, that after paying for a cheap clean, they then have to pay AGAIN for it to be done properly/correctly. This is where the term ‘Pay Once, Pay Twice’ comes in because this is exactly what has just happened. So by trying to cut corners on cost, has actually cost MORE than if they went to a proper company in the first place.

It’s a tough lesson to learn, but there is always an expression that overrides all expressions and that is ‘You Get What You Pay For’. So don’t waste more money that you need to – get it done right in the first place!